Gumbo Party!

As is the tradition when Alex is here, we had another gumbo party. Much food was consumed and it was delicious. No disastrous flights or surgeries required.

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Sous Vide Fajitas

So Kelli and I got an Anova Sous Vide machine over the holidays. We used it already to cook some steak (perfectly cooked but a bit bland) and lamb (awesome) and wanted to try it for fajitas.

This machine is also great for the whole “biking and eating” theme since you prep the meat, vacuum seal it, and leave it cooking for a pretty flexible amount of time. We didn’t use it that way this week though, Rachel and I road 20 miles in the middle of the day and then took there was a few hours before we actually ate.

  • A few pounds of flank steak from HEB plus this great marinade
  • Guacamole
  • Some queso which was tasty, but not as good as Pappasitos. But what is?
  • An amazing corn salsa.
  • For desert we had some sea salt and caramel chocolate from Trader Joes. Really quite good.
  • Margaritas, wine, gin and tonic, and white port
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Humus pizza and lamb

I’m not sure if I’ve written about this before, but Kelli makes a mean humus pizza. It’s probably a lot healthier than normal pizza.

We also made a roast which came out really well. Under the fat we spread grilled garlic which was really tasty.

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Breakfast Quiche

Mmmm… nothing like a good breakfast after a long (for me) run.  Kelli made this delicious quiche. As if we didn’t eat enough last night!


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Ravioli and Bacon

So Rachel came over with her brother and his girlfriend, as well as Heidi (who was in my med school class and is back for fellowship). Good food was enjoyed.

  1. Proscutto filled ravioli with truffle oil
  2. Arrabbiata pasta sauce
  3. Bacon wrapped jalapeños
  4. Garlic bread
  5. Oven roasted potatoes with rosemary
  6. Ice cream and bourbon caramel sauced
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Dinner Party

We had Chris and Cathryn, Rachel, Ross and Chris over for dinner this Friday.  We made

  1. home made meatballs with truffle oil
  2. home made pasta
  3. proscutto filled ravioli with truffle oil
  4. mozarella
  5. cake batter ice cream
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New pasta maker

We got a new pasta maker and wanted to try it out.  We made regular noodles and meat raviolli.  The sauce was home made sauce by Kelli last week and it was great. Of course we made ice cream for desert.

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